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The Center Within

           WELCOMES YOU...

we bring you an accessible and energetically safe venue to work, learn, heal, and play.


About Us


Unique in our application of minimizing ambient manmade radiation, our individual practices reside within our beautiful Center and property. We share a knowing that a healthy environment is a foundation for healing. The Center and property continues to be renovated to minimize manmade radiation for your healing, our's, and the environment's.

Our EESystem Qube is utilized to further enhance our Center seasonally and at special events.


Collectively we have over 200 years of expertise in our chosen fields.     


Inside our EMF Minimized walls...

Doing what we do...
Psychiatry and functional medicine, occupational therapy, reflexology, sound healing, dance, EMF education and solutions, energetic clearing, Ayurvedic nutrition and astrology, concerts...

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